Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jamais Vu, Anyone?

Jamais vu is the phenomenon of experiencing a situation that one recognizes in some fashion, but that nonetheless seems very unfamiliar. Often described as the opposite of déjà vu, jamais vu involves a sense of eeriness and the observer's impression of seeing the situation for the first time, despite rationally knowing that he or she has been in the situation before. (Wikipedia) Jamais vu occurs in certain types of amnesia and epilepsy.

I have never experienced déjà vu. If I calm down and think about it long enough, I always remember where I first encountered something that seems familiar yet I know I've never run across it before. Most of the time it reminds me of something in my past, a movie I've watched, or a book I've read. Once I recover that memory, the feeling of déjà vu disappears.

However, I used to experience jamais vu all the time. It's a very unsettling feeling. I feel that it's more unsettling than déjà vu. Most people have experienced jamais vu but they don't know it. Have you ever driven down a familiar road and suddenly don't know where you are? Then you get to the next exit and that horrid feeling disappears. This is especially creepy if you're driving down a road you've driven down numerous times, such as on your way to or from work.

Another term for jamais vu is "dissociation". I was quite good at that when I was younger. I'd hear my own voice or my mother's voice and I wouldn't recognize it. I'd hear music I'd listened to for years and suddenly couldn't remember the lyrics. I grew up in a rather tumultuous household so I use to detach from my surroundings as a means of survival.

My soon-to-be-released story "Shattering The Meat Tunnel" has a scene with a brief experience of jamais vu in it. Look for this story to come out later this month. It's in the anthology "Mirages: Tales From Authors Of The Macabre", edited by Trent Zelazny.

"Someone's in my apartment!" I caught the image of a disheveled, wild-eyed banshee in the decorative, smoky mirror on the opposite neighbor's door. Who was that frenzied woman?

Then I realized she was me. Did I really look that bad? It couldn't have been me! Granted, I hadn't showered in four days, and the last time I brushed my teeth was so long ago a layer of fuzz grew on them. I hadn't brushed my waist length hair in so long that it matted, and I swore I had the beginnings of dreadlocks at the nape of my neck, but I knew I couldn't possibly look like that harridan in the mirror. She was someone else, some changeling elves left in my bed while I slept. That explained why I felt so out of sorts. I had no idea who I was.

And now, for something completely different, here is information and a blurb about my paranormal erotic romance novella "Filthy Leuker", which is about the antics of two bisexual male werewolves. This book is the sequel to "Feral Heat", but it can stand on its own.


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Erotic author Elizabeth Black is back. And she brings with her those lusty, bisexual werewolves/stagehands from her hot and sexy FERAL HEAT. This time Grant and Sam have their eyes on the show’s luscious male dancer: Leuker. To keep it all interesting, the lithesome ladies, Lina and Charlotte, are also along. It’s a paranormal, erotic, anything goes FIVE-some. Blame it all on…FILTHY LEUKER.


Sam Hightower's pulse raced at the sight of ripped abs and muscular thighs. The man who flowed across the stage with such little effort looked so much like his lover, Grant Newsome, that Sam blinked his eyes a few times to make sure his vision wasn't playing tricks on him. Who's the god with the rapt attention of every man and woman in this room?

The two men could have been brothers. Grant's twin wore his hair at shoulder length, thick and full, with tendrils falling in his shining green eyes. Those eyes are emerald green, so green they glow like an aurora in winter. His face bore the same smoldering look of extreme concentration. This man would snap at Sam, turning on him in an instant if he interrupted his train of thought, much the same way Grant grumbled if he did the same thing. Each twist of his hip and roll of his shoulder enhanced the earthy lust his meager leotard couldn't contain. The dancer strutted amid his shorter and less stellar-looking partners bringing a flush to Sam's cheeks. He moved with a grace Grant lacked, but animal magnetism oozed from every pore. Tall and majestic, he glided across the stage is if his feet didn't touch the ground, his elegant form so beautiful he took Sam's breath away.

"Sorry, luv, you're a day late and a dollar short. We've already had him," that sultry and husky feminine voice jarred him from his daydream. Charlotte stood before him with her arms akimbo, hip thrust outward, giving him a cheeky grin. Dressed in tight black jeans and a tighter black tank top that squeezed together her huge breasts, she twisted her bee-stung lips in an amused grin that she once again bested him in the fucking department. "His name's Leuker Pearce and he's a stallion in bed."

"I'd love to pierce him."

"You might be able to," Lina said. The quieter of the two women stood behind Charlotte, her arms wrapped around the gutsier one's waist. Quite the virago, Charlotte's lusty nature thrilled Sam on the few occasions they found themselves in bed together. Or in the back seat of his car. Or those two times in the catwalks with their groans echoing throughout the theater. Charlotte preferred women to men, but Sam enjoyed her touch and smell too many times to count. He teased the woman by sneaking up behind her to grab her boobs. She retaliated by bursting unexpectedly from behind road boxes to squeeze his cock. Despite the sex play, they were buddies more than sex partners.

She and her lover Lina settled in Portland after years traveling on the road. Amazed at how much the two looked alike, he admired their sleek arms and hands, strong from years of painting sets. They could be twins – or doppelgangers. Harbingers of doom. And now his lover's twin writhed before him, making love to the stage as he twirled and leaped. Imagine the fivesome we could have. It would be like something out of a Penthouse letter!

"He swings both ways," Charlotte said. "I can see a hot little threesome there; you, Luke, and Luke's evil twin. You need to be adventurous. You now how much I love adventure."

Should he mention his fantasy fivesome? No, not just yet… "So you noticed the resemblance, too?" Lust tingled the hairs on the back of Sam's neck. That beautiful creature moved like a majestic elk in the Alaskan high country. "What kind of name is Leuker?"

"It's Dutch. He goes by Luke. It's also his middle name. Says his first name is horrible."

"And 'Leuker' isn't?"

Her deep, throaty laugh reverberated amongst the flats. "He told me it's his mother's maiden name. Says it means good-looking."

Sam gawked at the tight ass and strong legs that sashayed across the stage.

"Can't deny that."


  1. Yes, I've experienced jamais vu in the past. I'm sure of it!

  2. Most people have, Jolie. They just don't recognize it as jamais vu. It's much less talked about than deja vu.

  3. I had never heard of the term, but boy have I experienced it. Yes--freaky as all hell! Nice excerpt, by the way....