Friday, September 30, 2016

New Radio Show - Into The Abyss With Elizabeth Black

Listen in Thursday, Oct. 6 at 4 PM EST to my new radio show, Into The Abyss With Elizabeth Black. My guest will be horror writer Josh Malerman, author of the acclaimed novel Bird Box.

We'll talk about Bird Box, his other books, upcoming projects, writing, horror ... and his rock band!

Be there.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Book Covers

Here are book covers for the latest books I've posted here.

Dreadful Dissonance

New on my upper bar - my short story Dreadful Dissonance, which was published by Voluted Tales Magazine. I've included general info, a blurb, a buy link, and an excerpt. Enjoy!

Another Free Story In The Top Bar

If you look to my top bar, you'll see a page for Alicia. Alicia was originally published by Mocha Memoirs Press, and my rights have reverted back to me. I decided to publish it here for free. Enjoy!

Radio Show Guests

Here are some of my dark fiction/horror guests on The Women Show. Go directly to the link to listen to the archive. The broadcast starts immediately once you go to the page. Enjoy!

Joe R. Lansdale

Leigh M. Lane

New Stories In Top Bar

I've added two short stories to my upper bar. They are Infection, which appears in Teeming Terrors, and Fog Over Mons, which appears in Wicked Tales: The Journal Of The New England Horror Writers, Vol. 3. Both pages include a blurb, and excerpt, and buy links. Enjoy!


Bibliography for Elizabeth Black and E. A. Black

"Happily Ever After" (short story - paranormal erotica/fantasy/twisted fairy tale - Cinderella) - Scarlet Magazine (UK) - 2007
"Eating Out" (short story - contemporary erotica) - Scarlet Magazine (UK) - 2007
"The Party Crasher" (short story - paranormal erotic romance /ghosts) - Scarlet Magazine (UK) - 2007
"Lights, Camera, Hot Action" (short story - contemporary erotica) -Scarlet Magazine (UK) - 2007
"The Red Light Horror" (short story - erotic horror/vampires) - Scarlet Magazine (UK) - 2008
"Lost In Her Mouth" (short story - contemporary erotica/lesbian) - Scarlet Magazine (UK) - 2008
"Moving In Sync" (short story - contemporary erotica/lesbian) - Scarlet Magazine (UK) 2008
"Callipa The Stripper" (short story - contemporary erotica - "Ultimate Burlesque" anthology) - Xcite Books (UK) - 2008
"Mud Licker" (short story - paranormal erotic romance - folklore - "Like A Myth" anthology) - Circlet Press - 2008
"An Unexpected Guest" (novel - paranormal erotic romance/ghosts) - Fanny Press - 2009
"Sweet Spot" - (short story - erotic horror - "Monster Mash" anthology) - Whiskey Creek Press Torrid - 2008
"The Face In The Mirror" (short story - paranormal erotic romance - "Monster Mash" anthology) - Whiskey Creek Press Torrid - 2008
"Maneater" (short story - erotic horror) - free read - 2009
"The Storm" (short story - sweet paranormal romance) - free read - 2009
"The Haunting Of The Sandpiper Inn" (novel - paranormal erotic romance/ghosts) - Whiskey Creek Press Torrid - 2009 Out Of Print
"Tales Of Lust And Longing" (short stories - paranormal erotic, contemporary erotic) - Whiskey Creek Press Torrid - 2009 Out Of Print
"Neighbors" - (short story - contemporary erotica) - Torquere Press - 2009 Out Of Print
"The Beautiful Move In Curves" (short story - contemporary erotica - "Ultimate Cuves" anthology) - Xcite Books (UK) - 2009
"Feral Heat"  (novella - paranormal erotic romance/werewolves) - Romance Divine - 2009 Out Of Print
"Fountain Of Youth" (short story - paranormal erotic romance/ghosts) - Romance Divine - 2010
Indiscretions Vol. I (two short stories - contemporary erotica) - Romance Divine - 2010
Indiscretions Vol. 2 (two short stories - contemporary erotica) - Romance Divine - 2010
"Tinsel Temptations" (short story - contemporary erotica) - Romance Divine"- 2010
"Unfolding Her Wings" (short story - erotic science fiction - "Women On The Edge Of Space" Anthology) - Circlet Press - 2011)
"Things That Go Hump In The Night" (short story - paranormal erotic romance/ghosts - "I Kissed A Girl II" lesbian anthology) Ravenous Romance - 2011
"Purr" (short story - paranormal erotic romance/fantasy/twisted fairy tale - Puss In Boots) - New Dawning Bookfair - 2011
"Like A Moth To A Flame" (short story - paranormal erotic romance/vampire - "Partner Swap" anthology) - Xcite Books (UK) - 2011
"An Exciting Little Game" (short story - contemporary erotica - "Her First Submission" anthology) - Xcite Books (UK) - 2011
"Fluff The Master" (short story - paranormal erotic romance/werewolves - "Explicit Encounters" anthology) - Romance Divine - 2011
"The Oily" (short story - horror - "Stupefying Stories No. 11" - anthology) - Stupefying Stories - 2011
"Back Beyond The Hedgerow" (short story - horror - "Kizuna: Fiction For Japan" charity anthology) - Kizuna: Fiction For Japan - 2011
"Don't Call Me Baby" (novel - contemporary erotic romance) - Naughty Nights Press - 2011
"Filthy Leuker" (novella - paranormal erotic romance/werewolves) - Romance Divine - 2011
"Cyborgasm Stompfuck" (short story - science fiction/erotic cyberpunk/sexpunk - "Full Metal Orgasm" anthology ) - Full Metal Orgasm - 2012
"Incubation" (short story - erotic horror romance - unnamed incubus/succubus anthology) - Ravenous Romance - 2012
"Alicia" (short story - horror romance) - Mocha Memoirs Press - 2012
"Trouble In Thigh High Boots" (novella - fairy tale erotic romance) - self-published - 2012
"Climbing Her Tower" (novella - fairy tale erotic romance) - self-published - 2012
"We're All Mad Here" (short story - horror) - Smart Rhino publications - "Zippered Flesh 2: More Tales Of Body Modification Gone Bad" anthology - 2013
"Trailer Trash Zombies (short story - horror) - May-December Publications - "Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2" anthology - 2013
"When The Veil Is Thin" (short story - erotic romance) - House Of Erotica - 2013
"Dragon's Flair" (short story - erotic romance) - House Of Erotica - "Witching Hour" Halloween anthology - 2013
"Asphodel" (short story - horror) - Twisted Dreams Magazine - January 2014
“Dreadful Dissonance” (short story - horror) - Voluted Tales Magazine - January 2014
"Sleep Well, My Love" (short story - erotic romance) - Erotic Readers and Writers Association Gallery - October 2014
“Longing” (short story - erotic romance) - Coming Together Charity Anthology - coming in November 2014
“Infection” (short story - horror) - Teeming Terrors Anthology - Knightwatch Press - March, 2015
“Unrequited” (short story - horror) - Stupefying Stories Magazine - upcoming 2015
"Like A Breath Of Ocean Blue" (short story - erotic romance) - Best Lesbian Romance Of The Year, Vol. 1 - Cleis Press - June, 2015
“Fog Over Mons” (short story - horror) - New England Horror Writers Anthology - June, 2015
“Black As Ebony, White As Snow” (short story - dark fantasy) - upcoming anthology 2015
"In The Doghouse" (short story - Christmas holiday) - upcoming anthology 2015


Now, for FREE, you may read my short Poe-inspired story Asphodel. Just look for it in the bar above. This story originally appeared in Twisted Dreams Magazine, which closed down a couple of years ago. The rights reverted back to me, so I decided to post it here for free. I posted this in light of my new essay about Poe's grave being published by Death's Garden. You may read that essay at this link: Westminster Church, by E. A. Black.