Saturday, September 29, 2012

Release Date For "Alicia"

I have a release date for my short horror romance "Alicia" - October 8. It will be part of the Dark Mocha Bites line from Mocha Memoirs Press. Look here and at my Facebook page for updates.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Acceptance! "Trailer Trash Zombies"

My horror comedy "Trailer Trash Zombies" has been accepted for the anthology "Midnight Movie Creature Feature 2". I'm so psyched! I watched midnight movie creature feature-type movies when I was a kid and I loved them. The host was Count Gore de Vol. He was wonderful. My shows were Ghost Host and Creature Feature. I never got tired of those movies. And now I wrote a short story inspired by them. Keep an eye on my Facebook page and this blog for updates as the publication date approaches.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mirages: Tales From Authors Of The Macabre - Now Available!

Now available in paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. eBook coming soon. My story "Shattering The Meat Tunnel" appears in this anthology.

Mirages: Tales From Authors Of The Macabre

Buy it at Amazon.

Buy it at Barnes And Noble.


Table Of Contents:

The Conclusion - Tom Piccirilli

American Chinnamasta - Jeffrey Thomas

Dumb Luck - Barb Lien-Cooper & Park Cooper

Poor Old Soul - Lee Allen Howard

No Name, No Voice - Tina Swain

Reprieve Eve No. 33 - Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

Switchbitch - Gerald Hausman

Bastard - Billie Sue Mosiman

Angela & the Angel - Scott Bradley & Peter Giglio

Offline - Kealan Patrick Burke

Fairy Tale - Lori R. Lopez

The Sum of Spectacle - Jason S. Ridler

The Descent Upstairs - Leigh M. Lane

The Pit - Joe R. Lansdale

Jagged Night - Curt Jarrell

Shattering the Meat Tunnel - E. A. Black

Beast: A Fable for Children - Edward Morris